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Company Introduction

Orientallegends Company was established in 2019 with the aim of presenting a collection of the most beautiful and high quality Persian handicrafts to the world market. Our company has a wide connection with the most prestigious handicraft production workshops and thus can offer the most exquisite handicrafts made by Persian artists to oriental art lovers around the world. We guarantee that we provide our customers with two factors of reasonable price and high quality at the same time. Our group is currently active in the wholesale of the following products:

Inlay products (Khatam)

Enameling products (Minakari)

Engraving products (Ghalamzani)

Turquoise inlaying products (Firoozekoobi)


Experience a new style of decoration with  enameling and inlaying products !

Company Objectives

The most important business values and priorities of our company are:
Customer orientation: Customer orientation is the most important pillar of our business and therefore all organizational processes of our company are designed based on customer demand and satisfaction.

Providing high-quality handicraft products: Providing high-quality goods to the customer is one of our most important concerns and therefore our company never sacrifices the quality and originality of products to offer low prices. We never change our standards by offering law quality products for more sales.
Connection of production and consumption chains: Production and consumption markets are usually far apart and our company tries to shorten this distance by using modern tools and information technology. Extensive distribution network and connection with manufacturers as suppliers of the product has made the prices offered by us lower than competitors and you, dear consumer, can achieve a better product by paying less.
Environmentally friendly: Our company always emphasizes on not harming nature in all processes of making handicraft products and supplying the required raw materials .  


Main Handicraft Products

Khatam (Persian Inlay, Marquetry)

Engraving (Ghalamzani)

Turquoise Inlaying (Firoozehkoobi)

Enamel (Minakari)


Contact Information

Company Manager:  

Vahid Daneshmand  +98 9123669529

Sales Manager:

Hadiseh Sadeghi   +98 9127667234  



Exquisite and Diverse Collection of Khatam Handicrafts