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Minakari Wholesale Market in 2020

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Different types of minakariBulk marketing of minakari

We will introduce you to the steps of making minakari dishes and how to make turquoise dishes. The construction process ends in two stages, which include the construction of the body and the installation of turquoise. The metal used in the production of the product is brass, copper or silver, which today is used to produce turquoise products.

Minakari Wholesale Market in 2020

Different types of minakari

Different types of minakari  In the first stage, the container is given by a master minakari items or with a bending machine, and it is considered a good product that the thickness is the same on the surface of the container and the angles of the object are the same. The next step is called nailing, which is done to prevent damage to the product. In the next step, which is plating turquoise, the turquoise stones, which have impurities, are separated and the stones are separated in size so that the distance between the copper pieces is minimized when placing on the copper product to increase the value and beauty of the product.

Naghsh Jahan turquoise has features that distinguish this product from other cities. Naghsh Jahan turquoise has the following characteristics:

  • The thickness of copper used in the production of these products is appropriate.
  • The turquoise used in the production of this product is one of the best turquoise stones in Iran and the world, namely Neishabour turquoise stone.
  • The distance between the pieces of stone used is minimal, which has doubled the attractive appearance of this product.
  • It has been paid with full care and elegance. turquoise products have a high durability.

Bulk marketing of minakari

Bulk marketing of minakari In addition to Isfahan, which has eye-catching and beautiful turquoise products, Zanjan also offers a variety of minakari price. Although Zanjan is known for its metal industries and has been successful in supplying a variety of turquoise dishes, the turquoise training archives in Zanjan also train those interested in the art of turquoise.

applying a handicraft work at home in Isfahan is one of the best ways to earn money for people who do not have the conditions to work outside the home, housewives and … . According to your interest, you can work at home, after preparing the necessary tools and equipment, start the necessary training at home for Isfahan handicrafts and turquoise training on copper. you have to keep in mind that these small businesses will be the prelude to big jobs and more revenue.

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Collection ORIENTALLEGENDS invite you for buy the best product Handicrafts

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