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Firoozeh koobi Wholesale production

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Tips for Purchasing firoozeh koobiBulk production of firoozeh koobi

Isfahan firoozeh koobi can be used in your receptions in addition to being decorative. It is possible to use turquoise dishes in any house with any arrangement. The harmony of turquoise and copper colors will give a special charm to your surroundings. Isfahan turquoise plate with a diameter of 18 cm is a good option for receptions at parties. Its size is such that it can be used to serve a variety of foods.

Firoozeh koobi Wholesale production

Tips for Purchasing firoozeh koobi

Tips for Purchasing firoozeh koobi  Isfahan Turquoise Store offers a variety of functional and decorative turquoise products with different prices based on product quality so that all customers can buy. The price of turquoise dishes is based on the goods used and the work done on it. It is possible to buy turquoise products through the site and the store application at any time.

The firoozeh koobi is made of high quality copper, on which the original Neishabour turquoise stones have been carefully glued by the master artist. The diameter of the plate is 18 and its height is 2.5 cm. It also weighs about 170 grams. The price of turquoise utensils is cheap due to the work done on them, and it is also recommended to buy a turquoise plate for appropriate gifts. The turquoise grid plate is beautiful and popular with customers. You can easily set the turquoise lattice plate with other Isfahan turquoise products.

After gluing the turquoise stones on the copper utensils, the craftsman polishes the prepared utensils to polish the surface of the turquoise stones. Finally, a layer of polyester is applied on the dishes to be polished and polished. This layer of polyester also makes turquoise dishes washable. Any impact and pressure on the turquoise dishes can cause serious damage to them. The selling price of the original Isfahan turquoise plate is calculated according to the quality of these steps and the goods used in production.

Bulk production of firoozeh koobi

Bulk production of firoozeh koobi The bulk sale of firoozeh koobi wholesalers with Neishabour turquoise is intended for dear customers by contacting the sales unit. Buying turquoise products for corporate promotional gifts can help a lot in creating a culture of using Iranian goods. Companies and organizations can also benefit from special discounts in the store by selling Isfahan turquoise wholesale. Considering the popularity of buying and selling turquoise copper utensils and handicrafts in Isfahan, a better future can be imagined for Iranian handicrafts.

firoozeh koobi items are known as one of the most popular handicrafts in the world. In our country, we can support these national treasures by creating the right culture of using Iranian goods instead of unnecessary and luxury foreign products. The purchase of handicraft promotional gifts for public and private organizations will have a significant impact in this regard. Respect for domestic production will be one of the factors of economic prosperity.

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Collection ORIENTALLEGENDS invite you for buy the best product Handicrafts

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