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Enamel wholesale price in 2020

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Different types of enamel?Enamel wholesale shopping price in 2020

Enamelling is an art with a history of about five thousand years, which is a subset of handicrafts. Today, this art is mostly done on copper, but it can also be done on gold and silver. Due to the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, Enamel wholesale price in 2020 has faced many fluctuations, which you can refer to our website for detailed information on the price of this valuable art.

Enamel wholesale price in 2020

Different types of enamel?

Different types of enamel?

enamel types In the art of enameling, it is done on different dishes that according to personal taste and type of home decoration, you have the opportunity to display this original Iranian art in your home. In general, types of enamel can be placed in three different categories:

  •     Painting pottery
  •     Home pottery
  •     Cavity Enamel

Home enameling should be considered as one of the traditional methods for making these works of art, but today painting enamel is used to produce various utensils. Of course, this Iranian art has undergone many changes and transformations over the years and is currently used in the form we know it today.

Different types of pottery

Different types of pottery are used for enameling, which makes it difficult for people who are looking to decorate their home with these works of art. Criteria affecting the quality of enamelware should be considered as follows:

  •     Selected metal material
  •     Its shape and appearance
  •     The precision and elegance that the artist has used to create this work.
  •     The temperature of the oven in which the container is placed.

Some of the most popular types of pottery include the following:

Enameling on pots

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and eye-catching types of pottery can be seen on an earthenware vase. These dishes are used not only for home decoration, but also to enliven any space and environment. The stunning designs used on these vases leave no room for doubt.

Of course, all kinds of enamel vases are made in different colors, but the use of azure blue color, not only gives spirit and style to your home decoration, but will also instill a kind of relaxing feeling in you.

Perhaps the manifestation of Iranian art should be considered in enameled copper vases that attract the eye in a surprising way and can hardly be overlooked. Therefore, if you are looking to decorate your home, we suggest that you do not miss this work of art in any way.

Enamel on chocolate

Chocolate dishes are not only ideal for sitting on the table, but they can also be used for serving. Also, if you are looking for a unique and authentic Iranian host, using this dish will be a great idea.

It is interesting to know that enamel dishes are easy to wash and thus you will be able to use them without any worries!

Enamel wholesale shopping price in 2020

Enamel wholesale shopping price in 2020

The bulk purchase price of enamel in 2020 will be offered to the market in our collection at a reasonable price.
Enamel items, which are naturally transparent, are made of tin oxide. Enamel is done on copper. To make enamel, first what they want to do in any shape and size of enamel must be done by a specialist coppersmith, and after making it, the main tooth enamel works to give it a white glaze, usually three to four times. Each time the object goes into the furnace and sees a temperature of about 700 degrees to prove the color of the glaze, it is then painted with different colors on it. You art friends can visit our collection website for more information on the wholesale purchase price of enamel in 2020.

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