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The Specifications of Iranian marquetryBulk supply for Iranian marquetry

Among the original Iranian arts and handicrafts of Iranian marquetry, many beauties can be considered. Among these, woodcarving and mosaic work have been able to create the peak of art and beauty together. Artists of the labor industry by combining mosaic techniques and Wooden inlays offer the most beautiful designs to the world. The Hamburg custom pulpit is an example of the harmony of inlays and mosaics with unique effects that attract the attention of every viewer, so that many spectators notice the difference. Do not work between inlaid parts and inlaid parts.

Iranian marquetry Wholesale Supplier

The Specifications of Iranian marquetry

The Specifications of Iranian marquetry The process of creating this art starts from selecting the skin and preparing it (which is mostly used for goat skin due to its special material).

After that, the desired design is thrown on it. At this stage, the design is drawn on parchment paper and then transferred to leather by needling on that design.

Then it’s time to cut. At this stage, the text of the work is cut very carefully for the mosaic and lattice.Then, with the help of heated molds, the leather is inlaid to create one or two millimeter protrusions and no more.

Then the main work or the same mosaic work begins. This stage is the stage of transferring, adapting and installing patterns on the work surface. That is, we have to put the patterns that we mosaic and inlay on the background in its original place.

This modern marquetry is one of the most prolific arts and besides its material value, it also has many spiritual values; Because the artist uses all his powers in art to create such an extraordinary work.

The art of leather mosaic fuel is unfortunately being forgotten at the moment and very few artists are still engaged in this profession, but the reason can be the difficulty of the fuel work and the time consuming nature of the fuel art.

Bulk supply for Iranian marquetry

Bulk supply for Iranian marquetry How is marquetry done? What exactly is the difference between inlay and mosaic? Carving is the concept of carving on wood. Carving is an art that has its roots in the history of Iran. The first woodcarving artists are in fact the same people who used tools for the first time. Making tools is a turning point in handicrafts such as woodcarving and mosaic work. Sharp and winning tools that are made with special shapes are used in the hands of the artist of the work industry as beautifully as possible.

Mosaic means a kind of arrangement that forms small pieces of wood next to each other. Colorful pieces of natural wood together will become beautiful and eye-catching shapes. Wooden mosaic is a kind of painting that is drawn on wood. Instead of a brush and paint, a saw blade is used.

Both of these fine arts use subtle and winning tools and show beautiful and original designs. It does not exist and this is in the type of using tools, doing and implementing the work.

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