Turquoise inlaying

Turquoise inlaying (named Firooze-koobi in Persian) is an art in which the useless pieces of turquoise stone that have been produced in turquoise cutting workshops are artistically placed on the surfaces of metal objects such as various dishes in a mosaic manner, thus giving a beautiful appearance to them. Turquoise inlaying is mainly used to decorate copper objects. Turquoise is a rare and valuable stone in the colors of the green-blue spectrum and from the category of natural hydrated aluminum phosphate. This precious stone is found in Neishabour, Iran. Neishabour Turquoise Mine is one of the oldest turquoise mines in the world, which was extracted from 2000 years ago and is located in the northwest of Neishabour city. Neishabour turquoise stone is known as the best and most precious turquoise stone in the world.

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