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Orientallegends Company has been established with the aim of international marketing of the products of the top handicraft manufacturers in Iran. Iran is one of the largest producers of handicrafts in the world. So far, 600 types of handicrafts have been registered in UNESCO and it is noteworthy that 450 of those belong to Iran.This wide range of handicrafts types is due to unique cultural, ethnic and climatic diversity of this land. At present, our company is specifically active in wholesale of handicrafts of four below categories:

Khatamkari ( Persian inlay)
Minakari (Enameling)
Ghalamzani (A branch of engraving art)
Firoozekoobi (Turquoise inlaying)

Samples of our products in all four categories are introduced on “Our Products;” page of website. Each sample has a code that you can refer to be informed of price and features of the product. The price of each product will vary according to the number requested. If you need more variety for each product in particular, let us know so that a more complete list of that particular product can be sent to you. In addition, our company is active in providing corporate and promotional gifts, and you can order the products you want in your favorite packaging for gifts. Samples of this collection of gifts are introduced on this page.

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Since our prices are depended on currency fluctuations, it is really important for us to know the exact date and minimum amount of your orders. Based on these details, we will provide and send you an entire price list. In case of wholesale of handicrafts, the prices are usually lower than retails. 


Due to the importance of the quality of packaging of handicraft products, our company pays special attention to this issue and therefore presents its products in appropriate packaging so that in addition to providing protection , it also has a visual beauty. In this regard, customer tastes and desires can be applied.

Company Manager: Vahid Daneshmand

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